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День города

The real day of Rostov-on-Don birth is the 15th of December, 1749. That is the day, when Empress’ Elizaveta Petrovna decree about erection of frontier customs for collection of duties from goods, which are imported from Turkey and which are exported, near place Bogatiy Kolodez (Rich Well), was issued. The customs was called Temernitskaya. Later its name was changed: fortress of Dmitriy Rostovskiy, Rostov fortress, just Rostov and, finally, Rostov-on-Don in order to distinguish it from ancient city Rostov the Great, which is situated near Yaroslavl. But the day of the city Rostov-on-Don is celebrated by its citizens on the last weekend of September. Besides modern entertaining festivals citizens of Rostov don’t forget to remember glorious history of their city. For example, last year there was a ball on street Bolshaya Sadovaya in honour of founder of Rostov Elizaveta Petrovna. In central Gorkiy park a “court” orchestra played minuet, and young “ladies-in-waiting” danced with pedestrians.
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