EXPRESS TAXI St. Petersburg

If you fly to St. Petersburg, you can book, together with your flight, an EXPRESS TAXI service from the airport to the city. The automobile comfortably accommodating 4 passengers plus their baggage will deliver you to any point of the capital of the North.

You can book the service together with your flight at the time of booking on the web-site or by phone of the Booking Centre no later than 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

The EXPRESS TAXI service charge shall include payment for transportation of 4 passengers and 4 baggage items to the same address within one of the two territorial zones of the city.


Tariff zone 

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Tariff zone 1

650 RUB

Tariff zone 2

1 000 RUB

All you need to take an EXPRESS TAXI:

1. Book an EXPRESS TAXI service together with the flight to St. Petersburg at Step 4 of booking on the web-site or by phone via the Booking Centre;

2. Turn to the “Taxi Group” desk at Pulkovo airport with your Itinerary, where the EXPRESS TAXI service is stamped as paid, within 1 hour after the flight arrival or call the dispatcher +7 812 448 4444 or +7 800 555 5548;

3. Get in the car and enjoy a comfortable trip.

Please review the full version of the Rules for providing EXPRESS TAXI services at the time of booking the flight to Saint Petersburg.

EXPRESS TAXI tariff zones on the map of Saint Petersburg

Tariff zone 1
Between St. Petersburg’s
KAD (Ring Road) and the left bank of the Neva River

Tariff zone 2
Between St. Petersburg’s
KAD and the right bank of the Neva River

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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