You can book a substantial in-flight dinner in advance, when booking a ticket. To this end please select SKY BOX HOT MEAL in the list of additional services at Step 4 of the booking process. The service cost shall be included into the total Booking amount and indicated in your Itinerary. Bright and tempting dinner will be waiting for you onboard Sky Express. And let your neighbours, who failed to get their sandwiches, envy you!


Dinner cost: 350 RUB


Hot meals

Specialty fish snack
Fragrant light-salted salmon, black and green olives, lettuce, herbs

Substantial meat snack
Substantial beef, cheese, fresh sweet pepper, lettuce, herbs

Healthy vegetable snack
Ripe cherry tomatoes, herbs

In addition: juice, white bread rolls, rye bread, butter and wafers for dessert.

Onboard, you will be able to buy juice, mineral water, alcohol and any other main menu food items for extra charge.

Enjoy your meals onboard Sky Express!

Attention: You can book a SKY BOX dinner on the airline regular flights not later than 24 hours before the departure.
Terms of Refund in Case of Service Cancellation

1. In case of the passenger’s involuntary service cancellation, the payment shall be refunded in full, without any fees or penalties being deducted provided that the passenger confirms documentarily the service having been booked and paid.

2. In case of voluntary service cancellation, if there are more than 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure, the payment shall be refunded at the rate of 100% of the service cost with a refund fee being levied. If there less than 24 hours remain before the scheduled flight departure, a penalty at the rate of 25% of the service cost shall be deducted with a refund fee being levied.
A refund fee shall amount to RUB 100.

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