You can select any seat in the aircraft cabin in advance when booking the flight on the web-site or by phone.

To select the service, please press the “Choose your Seat” key at the step of entering the passenger’s details. You will see the cabin map and will be able to reserve any seat you like in any row: either a window seat or an aisle seat – select it to your taste. If you book a turnaround flight, please first select your seat for the outbound flight, then switch to the inbound flight using the left field pointer, and select again the seat you like. Next you can press the button “Choose” and keep on booking as usually.

The selected seat number shall be indicated in your Itinerary in the “Class/seat” field, and at the time of check-in your boarding pass shall be issued exactly with this seat being specified therein. Travel in comfort with Sky Express!

SEAT ASSIGNMENT service charge: 300 RUB for a seat in the first, second and third row and 150 roubles for any other seat in the cabin.

Attention: specific categories of passengers (children aged under 12 years, pregnant women, persons with reduced vision (hearing), passengers with reduced mobility and other categories of passengers who may need medical examination) may not be seated near the emergency exits. In special cases the Airline shall reserve the right to alter the seats selected by the passengers in order to ensure the flight safety.

Terms of Refund in Case of Service Cancellation

1. In case of the passenger’s involuntary service cancellation, the payment shall be refunded in full, without any penalties being deducted provided that the passenger confirms documentarily the service having been booked and paid.

2. In case of voluntary service cancellation, the money paid for the service shall not be refunded as the Airline provides the service immediately at the time of its being booked. The seat in the aircraft cabin selected by the passenger shall be reserved in favour thereof and may not be resold to another passenger.

3. To submit a refund application with regard to the unused SEAT SELECTION service in case of combination of flights, please turn to the Airline Representative. The Representative shall stamp the passenger’s Itinerary as “Seat Selection service not provided,” authenticate it with his (her) validator/personal signature and accept the Refund Notification in the established procedure.

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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