You may book the service of ISSUING A PAPER TICKET at the time of booking the flight on the web-site or by phone via the Booking Centre. In this case, the service cost shall be included into the total booking amount. You will be able to get the paper ticket at Sky Express cash desks at the Vnukovo Airport before departure or upon arrival if you booked the service together with a flight to Moscow.

You may also apply at a Sky Express cash desk for a paper ticket issue shortly before the departure, pay for the service and immediately receive the ticket.

The price of the ISSUING A PAPER TICKET service: 300 roubles.

Attention: to get the paper ticket in time, please come to the cash desk well in advance, with due account of possible queuing.
Possibility of refund in case of the customer’s refusal of service shall be considered only in the complaint procedure.

Where can you find Sky Express cash desks

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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