EXTRA INSURANCE against loss of or damage to the baggage and accidents. You will feel more comfortable and confident during the flight with the indemnity.

The amount of cover (insured amount) shall be 212 000 RUB:
• loss of and damage to the baggage: 12 000 RUB,
• life and health: 200 000 RUB.

EXTRA INSURANCE service cost: 150 RUB (baggage+health)

The service shall be provided by a Sky Express Partner: Closed Joint Stock Company of Aviation and Space Insurance AVIKOS.

Please take into account that by booking this service you and CJSC AVIKOS enter into the contract of voluntary insurance against loss of or damage to the baggage and accidents for the time of the flight. Should we receive any complaints with regard to the quality of CJSC AVIKOS services provided or service denial, we shall forward such complaint to CJSC AVIKOS. We shall not be entitled to make any promises or warranties on behalf of CJSC AVIKOS in relation to the response to the claim received. CJSC AVIKOS shall carry out all the claim activities related to the said insurance contract without the Airline’s participation.

In any cases the insurance premium shall be refunded solely by CJSC AVIKOS in compliance with the following terms and conditions:

• The Passenger shall be entitled to refuse insurance prior to carriage by the flight indicated in the Policy. In this case he (she) shall be bound to return the Policy to the Insurer not later than 2 hours before the Airline commences the flight indicated in the Policy. In this case, the insurance premium paid by the passenger with regard to the flights that remained unused as of the time of refusal shall be refunded to the passenger.

• If the passenger cancelled carriage on the flight indicated in the Policy, then should the contract with the Airline be repudiated, the insurance contract concluded with the passenger may also be terminated.

• If for any reason other than the insured event the passenger has failed to take the flight covered by the insurance, then the insurance premium paid shall be refunded thereto. Besides, the Passenger shall be obliged to notify of his (her) failure to depart and apply to the Insurer within 30 days after date of departure specified on the ticket.

• In the event that the flight is postponed to any other date or the passenger takes another flight, and the ticket is not reissued, then the Insurance Policy shall not be reissued either. In case of the ticket reissuance, the Passenger shall get in the standard procedure a new insurance contract with changed terms and conditions.

• In the event that the insurance contract is voluntarily repudiated on personal request of the Policy Holder (the Insured), the latter shall provide the Insurer with the insurance contract (policy) available. In the event that the Insurance Contract is lost for any reason whatsoever, the Insurer shall issue a duplicate to the Passenger.

• In the event that the insurance contract is repudiated for the reason of trip cancellation, impossibility to make a trip or any other reason beyond the Airline’s control, the premium paid by the Insured shall be refunded based on the Airline’s documents that would evidence the aforementioned reasons. The burden of obtaining such documents lies with the Insured.

• The passenger’s application on the insurance contract repudiation or insurance refusal shall be submitted to the Insurer’s Central Office (accident insurance department).

The insurance premium shall be refunded solely by the Insurer.

Please get familiar with the full version of Terms of package insurance of Sky Express Airline passengers for the time of flight.

Closed Joint Stock Company of Aviation and Space Insurance AVIKOS
License of the Federal Insurance Supervision Service С No.1967 77 of 24.11.2006.
CJSC AVICOS Central Office
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Tel.:  +7 495 787 1178
Fax:  +7 495 787 1195
Accident Insurance Department
Tel.:  +7 495 609 0691
Fax:  +7 495 967 8685

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