Terms of Participation in the EVERYBODY FLY! Loyalty Program and Receiving Bonus Flights:

• All passengers (individuals) registered with the Sky Express system may join the EVERYBODY FLY! Loyalty Program.

• Participants shall get every 11th flight as a gift. Upon having been carried on 10 paid flights, the Participant shall receive a Certificate for Flight which is automatically sent to his (her) e-mail.

Only those paid flights, on which a Participant himself (herself) has been carried under the document with the number specified at the time of booking on the web-site, shall be counted.

• A turnaround flight shall be counted as two flights.

• Loyalty Program flights shall begin accruing exactly from the time of the passenger’s joining the Program at the time of booking on www.skyexpress.ru, but not earlier than November 15, 2007.

• Starting with October 1, 2009, the flights which are bought at agencies accredited by the TCH and at the cash desks of Sky Express direct agents shall be counted besides those booked on the web-site or by phone via the Booking Centre.
Flights whereby the tariff and fuel charge have been fully paid by the Certificates for Flight or SKY GUARANT Certificates shall not be counted.

Attention: Flights, on which a Loyalty Program Participant has been carried, shall be counted using the identity document number. To avoid the loss of accrued flights in case of your passport exchange, you will have to fill in an Application and attach a copy of a new identity document thereto. You can submit the Application with the attached copies of the documents to the Airline by one of the below ways:

- by fax to +7 495 980 7461 marked as “Loyalty Program”;
- by registered mail at “Rumyantsevo” Business Centre, Bldg. 1, Entrance 7, Block B, Office 914-B, Kievskoe Shosse, Leninsky District, Moscow Region 142784, Russia, marked as “To the Customer Service Centre, Loyalty Program”;
- by filling in an application before the Airline Representative at the airport and handing it over thereto together with the copies of the documents.

Within 15 business days after the Airline has received your Application, your previous document will be updated using the data of a new one, and we shall continue counting your flights with due account of the document exchange. 

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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