Procedure for Submission of Documents for Refunding Electronic Tickets in Case of Air Carriage Cancellation

1. Required Package of Refund Documents
1. List of mandatory refund documents:
- Notification of flight cancellation completed on the form
- Original payment document wherein the number of paid Booking shall coincide with number specified in the Notification
- Copy of the identity document produced
- Itinerary
ATTENTION: Incomplete document package shall not be accepted.

Notification Sample
Medical Statement Sample in case of involuntary cancellation.

2. Procedure for Submission of Documents for Refund

2.1. All the Air Carriage Cancellation Notifications (hereinafter referred to as Notifications) shall be accepted by the Airline Representatives in accordance with CJSC Sky Express Rules for Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage in accordance with opening hours of the representative offices.
2.2. Notifications shall be executed strictly on the set form and completed by the Passenger personally, or an authorized person having a notarized Power of Attorney, in the presence of an Airline Representative (hereinafter referred to as the Representative).
2.3. Notifications shall be accepted from a Passenger prior to Air Carriage commencement. Any Notification shall be accepted by the Airline Representative upon the Air Carriage completion provided that the Passenger proves (confirms documentarily) that it was not possible to notify of the involuntary flight cancellation in advance (sudden disease of the Passenger, or disease/death of his (her) family member accompanying him (her) onboard an aircraft as confirmed by medical records).
A copy of medical statement/sick voucher must be attached to the Notification of Involuntary Air Carriage Cancellation due to disease/death of the passenger or a close relative.
2.4. The Airline Representative shall not be liable for any inaccurate data specified in the Notification. A fee charged on the amount to be refunded at the rate set by the Airline shall be levied for re-consideration of the Notification.
Accepted Notification shall be certified by the signature of the Airline Representative who accepted the Notification and the stamp with the date and time of acceptance being indicated.
2.5. The Passenger shall be responsible for accurate completion of the Notification and furnishing all the data required for the selected refund type.

3. Refund and Remittance Types

3.1. Passenger’s cancellation of Air Carriage shall be recognized as involuntary (see Clause 13.9.2 of CJSC Sky Express Rules for Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage) in case of:
• cancellation or delay of a flight specified on the Ticket for more than 3 hours;
• alteration of an Air Carriage route by the Airline;
• failure to dispatch the passenger due to the impossibility to provide him (her) with a seat on the flight and date specified on the Ticket;
• failure to carry the Passenger on an aircraft due to the Passenger’s delay at the airport because of lengthy inspection, unless substances or objects prohibited for carriage have been detected during the baggage screening or passenger personal search;
• sudden disease of the Passenger or disease/death of his (her) family member accompanying the Passenger on the flight as confirmed by medical records;
• failure to provide the Passenger with the class of service specified on the Ticket;
• erroneous completion of the Ticket by the Airline or an authorized agent.

Voluntary Air Carriage cancellation implies cases other than those covered by the involuntary cancellation.

3.2. When completing the Notification, the Passenger shall identify all the information required for selected remittance type:
3.2.1. When it is marked as refund to the PA, the applicant shall indicate his (her) individual customer’s number with the airline or express his (her) intent to remit the money using his (her) Booking Number. Remittance notification shall only be accepted in case of involuntary refund.
ATTENTION: Funds remitted to the PA are not subject to refund in cash. Personal account service shall enable the customer to credit funds to his (her) personal account with the Airline using his (her) Booking Number or customer’s number in the booking system. They may be further used to pay for Booking and other services provided by the Airline within 180 days upon such crediting.
3.2.2. When it is marked as refund to the bank account, the applicant shall complete all the lines in compliance with the following requirements:
Bank name: full name of the bank is to be indicated in the Russian language
Beneficiary name: full name in Russian letters (account holder)
Correspondent account: 20 digits
Settlement account: 20 digits
BIC: 9 digits
Beneficiary’s personal account: 20 digits
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number, for legal entities): 10 digits
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code, for legal entities): 9 digits
Funds shall only be transferred to a RUB account. It is not possible to credit to a payroll card of VTB 24 bank and TRUSTbank. When paying for Booking by bank card, remittance shall only be made to the card from which the payment was effected. The time limit for consideration of the Notification and remittance of funds shall be 30 days.
3.2.3. When it is marked as refund in cash at the cash desk: Notifications of air carriage cancellation and refund in cash at the CJSC Sky Express cash desks shall only be accepted by the Airline Representative in Moscow.
Notifications of voluntary cancellation shall be accepted and refund in cash shall be effected prior to check-in.
Acceptance of Notifications of involuntary air carriage cancellation and refund in cash shall be complete 30 minutes prior to the actual flight departure.
3.2.4. When it is marked as refund to the bank account from which the payment was effected: the card holder name spelt in the same way as on the card, with due observance of capital and small letters, and the card number are to be indicated.

4. Procedure for and Timelimits of Considering Notifications of Air Carriage Cancellation and Refund

4.1. Receipt of Notifications from the Representative offices at the company’s head office and registration thereof.
4.2. Check for correctness of completing Notifications
4.3. Submission of refund documents for money transfer.
Our Company considers its clients claim applications connected with the return of the paid out air transportation money and compensation for harm maximum within 10 (ten) working days starting from the moment of a claim registration in the Company’s central office, however, provided that a client submits all required documents and data. If a client does not submit all necessary documents together with the claim application or fills in the latter incorrectly, then the Company within 10 (ten) working days notifies the client of the need to submit additional documents and/or data. In this case the period for the claim consideration shall start from the moment of submitting by the client of all lacking documents and/or data.

Procedure for Request Preparation and Submission at

You can send a request to confirm your booking (in case of non-receipt of an Itinerary after the payment) and to change it or an application for voluntary air carriage cancellation to the electronic address
A request (application) may be executed in free format, but it must be sent from the electronic address which was indicated at the time of booking and contain the following information:
- Booking number
- Date of flight departure
- Flight number
- Full name of the Passenger
- Number/series of the identity document specified at the time of Booking
- Contact phone number

 Requests (applications) containing incomplete information shall not be considered.

ATTENTION: An application for air carriage cancellation shall be sent 5 days prior to the flight departure at the latest. It is only an application for voluntary air carriage cancellation and only one implying remittance to the Personal Customer’s Account with Sky Express that may be filed by e-mail.

Funds shall be remitted to the customer’s settlement account pursuant to the CJSC Sky Express Rules for Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage, Tariff Application Rules and Procedure for Submission of Documents for Refunding Electronic Tickets in Case of Air Carriage Cancellation.

In case of changing your Booking, a new Itinerary will be sent to the e-mail address specified at the time of Booking.
Please be aware that you can make changes and cancel an air carriage in compliance with the CJSC Sky Express Rules for Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage and Tariff Application Rules.

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