Basic Terms of a Contract for Passenger and Baggage Air Carriage

Under an Air Carriage Contract, the Carrier shall undertake to carry the passenger, whose data are indicated in a Ticket, to the destination, to provide the Passenger with a seat onboard the aircraft accomplishing the flight indicated in the Ticket and, in case of Baggage carriage, to carry the Baggage to the destination point and deliver it to the Passenger.

An Air Carriage Contract shall be evidenced by an electronic Passenger Ticket and Baggage Receipt, a document containing Passenger and Baggage air carriage information which is represented in the form of electronic digital record of the Carrier’s database. An Itinerary is one of the components of the electronic Ticket to be made and issued in an obligatory manner. An Itinerary shall be made on an A4 sheet of paper and issued to the passenger upon his (her) paying the full price of the air carriage, fees inclusive. An Itinerary can be issued to the Passenger by the following methods depending on the data specified thereby at the time of booking: it can be sent to the Passenger by e-mail as an electronic version to be printed out by the Passenger himself (herself); sent to the Passenger by fax; issued to the Passenger in the printed form directly at the airport representative office of the Carrier or an authorized Agent.

The contract shall be deemed concluded as of the time of the Passenger’s paying for the Air Carriage and shall be valid until the parties have discharged all their obligations hereunder. The Passenger shall be bound to pay for the Air Carriage at a set tariff rate including all fees for the booked services and Baggage fees if he/she checks in baggage in excess of the free Baggage allowance. Each Passenger may carry 15 kg Baggage free of charge, of which the Passenger may take onboard the aircraft one item of unchecked Baggage weighting up to 10 kg with the dimensions not exceeding 45×35×15 cm. Should the Baggage exceed a 15 kg allowance or be oversized, the Passenger shall be bound to inform the Carrier thereof at the time of booking and obtain confirmation of the possibility to carry such Baggage. Any excess or oversized Baggage shall be paid for during the check-in process at the airport at a rate of RUB 165 per 1 kg of excess Baggage on any Carrier’s flight. The document supporting the air carriage payment shall be a duly executed Payment Document evidencing that the Air Carriage payment has been effected. The passenger is recommended to keep a Payment Document until the end of the Air Carriage to prove the payment as may be necessary.

Any air carriage to be performed under an Air Carriage Contract as well as other services rendered by the Carrier shall be subject to the terms set forth in this Itinerary, terms of applicable tariffs and charges as well as the CJSC Sky Express Rules for Domestic Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage (hereinafter referred to as the Rules). Permissible amendments of the Air Carriage Contract terms shall be made pursuant to the Tariff Application Terms at applying to the Carrier’s Booking Centre (phone: +7 495 580 9360), unless otherwise provided for by the Rules. The capitalized terms of this Itinerary must be construed in the same way as set forth in the Rules.

The Passenger shall be required to arrive at the check-in and Baggage handling desk in good time. The check-in shall commence 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure and end 30 minutes prior thereto. The local time of departure shall be indicated on the Ticket. At the check-in desk, the Passenger shall be obliged to present an identity document, such document details having been specified on the Ticket, and to have this Itinerary. The Passenger who arrived late for check-in or boarding shall be denied Air Carriage.

The Carrier shall be entitled to deny carriage in the following cases: necessity to ensure safety and health of passengers; non-compliance with passport, sanitary and other requirements set by the laws of the Russian Federation as applicable to Air Carriage; Passenger’s refusal to abide by the Carrier’s lawful requirements; in other cases provided for by the Rules. The Carrier shall be entitled to limit acceptance of or deny the Passenger acceptance of any Baggage in excess of the set free carriage allowance as well as oversized and overweight Baggage, unless the possibility of such acceptance has been preliminarily confirmed by the Carrier.
Neither meals nor hot drinks shall be served to the Passenger during the flight and included into the price of Air Carriage.
Subject to the required conditions, Passengers shall be allowed to carry onboard the aircraft any liquids, gels and aerosols classified as non-dangerous in containers with the capacity up to 100 ml (or an equivalent thereof in alternate volume units) packed in a secure transparent plastic bag of no more than 1 litre capacity: one bag per Passenger. No liquids in containers with the capacity over 100 ml shall be accepted for carriage even when such capacity is partially filled (except medicines, baby food and products for special dietary needs).

The Carrier shall be entitled to cancel, delay or postpone the departure of an aircraft or change the scheduled route of the carriage, or change the landing point should such actions be needed: as a result of natural disaster, unfavourable meteorological conditions at the airports of departure, destination or along the flight route as well as other phenomena and events affecting the flight safety; in order to comply with the requirements of the state authorities.

In case of violation of the regularity of Air Carriage (delay), the Carrier shall provide services to the Passenger until it is able to carry the Passenger to the destination specified in the Ticket. The scope and procedure of the services rendered in case of the delay shall be regulated by the terms the Passenger was advised of at the time of booking.
The information on additional terms of Air Carriage is set forth in the CJSC Sky Express Rules for Domestic Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage being an integral part of the Air Carriage Contract.

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