The Sky Express customer card security is provided by a SSl certificate.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) means the protocol providing the security of the communication circuit between the web-server and user’s browser.
The availability of such circuit guarantees:

• Verification and confirmation of the source authenticity;
• Message authenticity;
• Confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted.

SSL protocol is an industrial standard and used by millions of web-sites to ensure the security of user’s transactions. The SSL technology is supported by all main internet-browsers and operation systems, compatibility of higher than 99%.
For establishing secured SSL-protocol connection between the web-server and browser there is a digital SSL certificate which  definitely identifies individual  users and servers.

The communication circuit  security is provided by two elements:

• Authentification -  certificate is attached to the defined domain and may not be used by other domains.
• Enciphering -  information is transformed so that it can be deciphered only by using a special key.

SSL certificate makes it possible to view the following information:

• Domain name, under which the SSL certificate is registered;
• Legal person – owner of the certificate;
• physical address (city, country);
• certificate validity period;
• details of the company – SSL certificate provider.

A certificate also contains information on the secret key, authentificator. SSL certificate is confirmed by the domain ownership, real company and owner’s right to use the secret key on the lawful grounds.

When establishing connection between the User’s Web-browser and secured server, the domain name, certification center and certificate validity period are verified. This process continues and is unobservable  for the user.

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