Timeframes to Pay for the Booking*:

Type of tariff        

From 12 hours to 2 hours before departure  

More than 12 hours before departure  

MINI (all booking classes except M, L, K, Y)

at the time of booking the Flight

within 24 hours after booking the Flight, but not less than 12 hours prior to departure

MIDI (booking classes M, L, K)

at the time of booking the Flight

within 48 hours after booking the Flight, but not less than 12 hours prior to departure

MAXI (booking class Y)
at the time of booking the Flight 

within 72 hours after booking the Flight, but not less than 12 hours prior to departure


After payment, you will receive an Itinerary at the e-mail address indicated in the process of booking. Registered customers will also see the Itinerary in “My Bookings” section immediately after receipt of payment information. If you failed to receive the Itinerary within 24 hours upon payment, you ought to contact the Booking Centre and submit an electronic or fax copy of the payment document to confirm that you had paid the booking. If you paid at a Russian Post office, you ought to contact the Booking Centre 5 days upon payment. When you receive your Itinerary, you may be sure to have a comfortable seat onboard your flight with Sky Express airline.

To check-in for the flight, you need to produce your passport (ID document) and the Itinerary printout. We also advise you to keep the receipt if you paid for the flight in cash.
Check-in for Sky Express flights starts 2 hours before the departure time and ends 30 minutes prior to it.

Booking Payment Terms

A booking payment method shall be selected at the time of booking.
Either the passenger or a person booking and (or) making payment on behalf of the passenger may pay for the booking.

Please note:
Additional charges (if any) shall be paid at the time of paying for the booking unless stipulated otherwise.

Rules for Charge Application

Payment shall be considered to be complete only after the Airline has received payment confirmation.
In case of non-cash payment by bank card, electronic payment means or out of funds at the electronic Personal Account, payment for booking shall be confirmed immediately upon the payment transaction completion.
When paying in cash via the Payment Partner Network, you should take into account that payment confirmation will take some time, therefore the Flight shall be paid for as soon as possible.
Unless tariff application terms contain any restrictions on payment deadlines, general payment rules shall apply.

Payment via the Payment Partner Network

Partners’ payment confirmation may be transferred to the Airline within a term from a few minutes to a few days upon payment, pursuant to the internal regulation of each Partner. Timeframes to get a Partners’ payment confirmation are as follows:

• CONTACT money transfer system: from 1 hour to 24 hours;
• Euroset mobile communications salons: from 1 minute to 24 hours;
• ELDORADO communications stores and salons: from 1 hour to 24 hours;
• Moneta.ru, Yandex.Money, WebMoney e-payment systems: from 1 minute to 30 minutes;
• “Svyaznoy” mobile communications centres: from 1 hour to 24 hours;
• MIR retail chain stores: from 1 hour to 24 hours;
• QIWI payment terminals: from 1 minute to 24 hours.

Upon having received a Partner’s confirmation of receipt of payment for the booking, the Airline shall send an Itinerary with carriage information and compulsory notifications to the e-mail address indicated during the booking process.

Payment for the Flight through the Authorized Agents

Booking through the authorized Agents shall be regulated by Booking and Payment Rules and Tariff Application Terms set for each Agent.
When accepting payment for the Flight, the Agent shall be entitled to set surcharges compulsory for the Customer. Agent’s charges shall not be reimbursable by the Airline.

Non-Receipt or Late Receipt of Payment Confirmation

If no payment confirmation is received from the Partner within the indicated term or if the payment is not in full, the Booking shall be cancelled. Money shall be allocated to the passenger in the Airline electronic database, placed on the electronic Personal Customer Account and may be used for subsequent payment for Airline services within 180 days of such placement.
In case of late receipt of payment confirmation (after the Booking has been cancelled), rebooking may be made if vacant seats on the required flight are available. If the tariff as of the date of rebooking is higher than that of the cancelled Booking, the customer shall make additional payment. The final booking confirmation shall be made upon the receipt of information on the additional payment from the Partner.
If no vacant seats on the required departure date or time are available at the time of rebooking, the passenger shall be entitled to choose another nearest flight of the Airline to the same destination. In this case, money received earlier may be used for full or partial payment for rebooking (if additional payment is required).

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