You may pay for the Flight out of funds from the Personal Customer Account with Sky Express if more than 3 hours remain before departure.

PERSONAL ACCOUNT service is available only to the registered customers of the company.To register

What for is the Personal Account required?
You can pay for the Sky Express services in full or partly out of funds of the Personal Account up to 3 hours prior to the flight departure. It is convenient if you do not always have your bank card on you.
We advise you to use your Personal Account for remittance of money refundable for unused carriage.

How to replenish the Personal Customer Account with Sky Express?
- call the Booking Centre and remit from your bank card on the basis of your oral request
- pay in cash at the Airline own cash desks on the basis of your written request
- remit money refundable for unused carriage in case of flight cancellation (either voluntary or involuntary one) on the basis of your written or oral request.

Important! Money shall be remitted to the Personal Account with the use of all the above-mentioned methods without any extra fees being levied.

When the Personal Account service is provided, the customer’s money shall be converted at a ratio 1 point = 1 RUB.
At the Passenger’s option, these points may be accounted as full or partial payment for the Airline services within 180 days upon placing the points on the account.
In case of voluntary closure of the Personal Customer Account and (or) partial/full refunding to the customer’s settlement account with the bank on the basis of the customer’s request, account closure and remittance operations shall be chargeable in the amount of RUB 500. Funds from the Personal Account shall not be returned in cash at cash desks of the airline/authorized direct agents or by remittance to the bank card.

How to Pay for the Flight with the Personal Account Funds:
1. Call the round-the-clock Booking Centre and advise that you wish to pay for the flight out of your Personal Account funds. If you are a registered customer, you may individually use your Personal Account funds when booking the flight on our web-site after authorization. Please select the route, date and flight
2. Advise the operator of the passenger’s details and contact information
3. Make payment from the Personal Account upon having first answered a number of operator’s questions that help identify the account holder*
4. Should the sum of the Booking exceed the amount of points in your Personal Account, be prepared to pay the deficient amount with your bank card at the time of booking. If there are more than 2 days remaining before departure, you will be able to pay the deficient amount in cash at the branch office of any payment partner.
5. Get your Itinerary and bring it along with you to the airport.

* Please be reminded that it is the account holder who is liable for non-disclosure of confidential data on the Personal Accounts. The operator shall be entitled to deny payment from the indicated account if you cannot readily answer his (her) questions.

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