You can pay for the Flight in cash if more than 72 hours remain before departure.

Cash Payment Partner Network

Sky Express cash desks (No. 29, No. 30) in Vnukovo Airport, 2nd floor and cash desk No. 2 at Kievsky Railway Station

CONTACT payment system

At “Svyaznoy” mobile communications centresSelf-service payment kiosks CyberPlat

Euroset mobile communications salons

Payment terminals QIWI: 3% commission fee of payment amount but no more than RUB 150

ELDORADO communications stores and salons

You will need to pay in cash:
- a 12-digit code for payment (the code is sent to your e-mail after you have booked the flight)
- payer’s passport data (only if payments are made at bank branches)
- to enter the mobile phone number when paying via QIWI terminals

How to pay for the flight in cash:
1. Book a Sky Express flight on the web-site or at round-the-clock Booking Centre and select the “Cash” payment method.
2. Receive the Flight Payment Information at your e-mail address indicated during the registration. The letter will contain: your Booking Number (ID) being a six-digit alphanumeric code, and a 12-digit numeric code for payment in cash at the office of any Payment Partner.
3. Pay for the services at the office of any Payment Partner using the 12-digit code and obtain a receipt (when you pay in the amount greater than RUB 15,000, you will need a passport).*
4. Enter the mobile phone number before you pay via QIWI terminals.
5. Receive an Itinerary with the flight information at your e-mail address, print it out and present it with your passport to check in at the airport.

You will need to pay in cash via payment terminals QIWI:
Attention! The Flight booking sum shall not exceed 14 999 roubles.
1. Enter the “Service Payment” menu, next in the “Tickets” section please select “Air Tickets” key and then “SkyExpress” key.
2. Enter the mobile phone number which is to be used to send you an SMS message with the e-ticket payment data.
3. Enter the payment code and check the booked flight data.
4. Pay for the booking inserting the required money amount into the terminal cash acceptor.
5. Obtain a payment receipt after the payment and retain it.

- When you pay for air tickets at QIWI terminals, a 3% commission of the payment sum shall be levied but no more than RUB 150. The funds shall be paid with due account of this commission fee.
- When entering your Personal Account, please use the mobile phone number indicated while paying for the air ticket.
- When you enter the phone number, a “QIWI Personal Account” balance will be automatically generated for you; if necessary, your money will be saved there, for example, change due to you from the purchase.

* Retain the pay receipt until the flight end. No claims or refund requests shall be accepted in case of the carriage cancellation without it.
If no Itinerary is received within 24 hours after payment, you should contact the Booking Centre.

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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