You can pay for the Flight by your credit card if there are more than 2 hours before departure.

The following bank cards shall be accepted for payment: Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Master Card, Master Card Gold, MasterCard Platinum, and the most favourable option EVERYBODY FLIES! Traveller Card.

You will need to pay by bank card:
- type of card
- card number
- card validity term
- cardholder name
- CVV (СVV) security code

How to Pay for the flight by card:
1. Book a Sky Express flight on web-site or at the round-the clock Booking Centre and select “Bank Card” payment method.
2. Enter the card data into the prompted fields as well as CVC (СVV) code to authorize the payment transaction.
3. Receive an Itinerary with your flight information at your e-mail address or print it out of My Booking section.
4. Present the Itinerary and your passport to check in at the airport.
5. Enjoy your flight and freedom with Sky Express!

Find security tips on using bank cards here.

You may pay for your Flight by another person’s bank card or you may pay for another person’s Flights by your bank card. However using another person’s bank card without its lawful holder’s consent is illegal. Please be warned that should the card’s true holder apply to the bank, CJSC Sky Express or law-enforcement authorities with regard to an unauthorized debit from his (her) account, the passenger will be criminally prosecuted.

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