In case of buying airline tickets on the web-site, you are not to pay any commission and service fees and you have the widest choice of payment methods.

How to book a flight on web-site

What’s New in the Sky Express Booking System:

In view of numerous requests of the Sky Express regular customers, the flight booking system on the web-site has been improved and updated. The new system has a number of advantages, namely:

Up to 9 passengers in the same Flight booking
• possibility to buy airline tickets for several passengers at the same time: up to 9 persons per one booking, children inclusive;

Combination of any payment methods
• possibility to combine payment methods when booking on the web-site: you may pay partly by Certificate or out of Personal Account funds, and the remaining amount may be paid by bank card or in cash;

Work in any browser
• correct system functioning in the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox);

Easy selection of additional services
• user-friendly and functional interface for selection of additional services: for each path segment (two-way flight) and for each passenger individually;

Autocompletion of passenger information
• for each registered user the system will store the data of 10 passengers for whom the Flights were booked; next time you will not have to enter the data anew;

Convenient tariff selection system
• convenient representation of flights to the required destination +/− 3 days of the date set during the search: you will see the flight with the best tariff at once;

Detailed Itinerary
• new forms of notifications and the Itinerary with detailed booking information. You do not have to print out all; only the first page will be of use at the airport.

The design and logic of the 5 simple steps remained the same; should any questions arise, please familiarize yourself with the instruction:

Instruction for Booking a Flight on Web-Site:

1. Please authorize yourself
Enter the booking system using your login (e-mail) and password. If you have not yet recovered your password after changes in the booking system, please use this link. Once you get authorized, you will not have to enter the data of passengers and the contact person each time anew. If you are not yet registered, register now to have an opportunity to trace the Flight booking status and get information on Sky Express promotional events and special offers. Please be especially careful when specifying your e-mail address as it is whereto the Itinerary will be sent.

2. Step 1 “Route Selection”
Please select the required route (place of departure  – place of destination), flight dates and the list of passengers (adults/children). Now you can book the flights for several passengers simultaneously – up to 9 people. Please select a payment method. If you are aware of the promo code, please enter it into the “PROMO CODE” box, and at the booking step 2 you will see a discounted tariff. You will not have to be limited in selecting services or the number of passengers if you pay for the Flight by Certificate, prepaid card or Personal Account funds. If the booking sum exceeds the allowed payment by your Certificate, card or Personal Account, at Step 5 you will be offered to pay the outstanding amount in cash or by bank card. Complete data input with “Flight Selection” key.

3. Step 2 “Flight Selection”
This page offers you all available flights to the selected destination on the required date +/− 3 days and tariffs available on those flights. You can choose other dates with the use of +/− 7 days keys. After you have chosen the suitable match of flight and tariff, you will see a detailed calculation of the air carriage cost for all passengers at the bottom of the page. You can pass to the next Step by selecting the “Continue” key.

4. Step 3 “Passenger Information”
At this step data on all the passengers and contact information should be entered very carefully. If you logged in as a registered user, the system will offer you to automatically complete the required fields with your data as well as with the data of 10 most recent passengers at your option for whom you booked a flight. You may edit your data from your profile at any time. You can pass to the next Step by selecting the “Continue” key.

5. Step 4 “Additional Services”
At this page you can select any additional services for the flight you would prefer. You can find detailed description of each service by the link to its name. Select the required services for each passenger and for each flight segment by expanding the list of passengers. Pay special attention to the Seat Selection service: a plane seat map will open displaying vacant seats in the cabin. Leave others behind and select seats convenient to you personally and may all your group take seats at convenience.
To complete the booking, you should get acquainted with the Air Carriage Contract for Passenger and Baggage, Tariff Application Rules, and Terms of providing the selected services and mark them with a tick as accepted.

6. Step 5 “Payment for the Flight”
At this step, first of all will be offered the payment method selected at Step 1. If you have selected payment by Certificate or prepaid card, please begin with activation of the unique numeric code and then select the method of paying the outstanding amount. Cash payment shall be available if at least 72 hours remain before flight departure. Please pay attention to payment deadlines. To confirm your being in front of a computer, enter the codeword into the prompted field and wait for a message on the booking being successfully completed.

7. “Booking Confirmation” Page
Our congratulations! The booking has been successfully completed. Now you can see on the screen your Flight information: the date, hour and selected itinerary, passenger passport data and booking number. All the required information will also be sent to the e-mail you have indicated at the time of booking. If you are going to pay for the Flight in cash, you will get a 12-digit code for payment. If you have already paid for the Flight in full, you can view the Itinerary, your electronic ticket, on the screen. You may also print out all the Itineraries anew from the registered user profile.

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