Call the round-the-clock Booking Centre. With the Operator’s assistance select and book a flight that would suit you and get the Booking Number.

You may also make alterations to your booking by contacting the Booking Centre. Any alterations shall be made in compliance with the Tariff Application Rules. In case of booking by phone with the operator’s assistance you can select any tariff group, for example, if you need children’s ticket discounts or flexible terms of ticket return.

Pay for the flight in any way convenient to you except e-money.

When booking the Flight via the Booking Centre, an extra fee of RUB 190 is levied for each flight segment (one-way flight). The fee will be included in the total booking amount.

Please remember that you can always book a flight at the best price without additional fees on the web-site.

How to book a flight on the web-site

Round-the-Clock Booking Centre Telephone Numbers:

Mobile call (paid service, from Russia only)  0871 ext. 111
Landline call*+7 495 580 9360

*in case of calling from other regions, long-distance call costs shall be payable.

Connection fee at calling the short-code 0871 ext. 111
OperatorPrice per 1 min, RUB
MTS 25,41
SkyLink-St. Petersburg23,90
Megafon, TELE-2, SMARTS, NSS-Tatarstan, Motiv,
Sibirtelecom, ACOS, Utel
Yeniseytelecom CJSC28,33

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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