You can easily buy your Sky Express airline tickets, and it does not matter when and where you do it. We are working for you on a round-the-clock basis. You can use one of the four ways:

Visit the website at any time, enter the Booking System and book airline tickets. You can pay for the Flight in any way at your convenience: by bank card, cash, e-money, SKY GUARANT Certificate or bonus Certificate as well as from your Personal Customer Account.

Call  8 495 580 9360
Call the round-the-clock Booking Centre. With the Operator’s assistance select and book a flight that would suit you and get the Booking Number.
Pay for the flight in any way convenient to you except e-money.
A service fee shall be levied when you book an airline ticket by phone.

At cash desks at Vnukovo Airport and at Kievsky Railway Station
Come to Sky Express cash desks at the Kievsky Railway Station or at the Vnukovo Airport. Buy airline tickets paying in cash, by bank card or from your Personal Account.
A service fee shall be levied when you buy an airline ticket at a cash desk.

At an Agency
Contact any local air service agency in Russia for the reference information or to buy tickets for a Sky Express flight. An Agency may charge additional commission for its services, which can be checked with the Agency staff before you buy a ticket.

Important: the earlier you book the flight the less you pay for it.

Get an Itinerary
On having paid for a flight, you will get an Itinerary at your contact e-mail address with a unique Booking Number containing the entire flight and financial information. Now you can pack and look forward to enjoying the flight. You will just have to produce your passport and the Itinerary to check in.
Registered users can reprint the Itinerary from their profile in the “All Bookings” section at any time.

Buy a Paper Ticket if Necessary
If you need a proof for your business trip reporting etc., it is generally sufficient to produce a fiscal payment document (receipt) issued by our payment Partner (indicating your unique Booking Number), an Itinerary with detailed Sky Express flight information or a boarding pass stamped at the airport to indicate that the flight has been made.
If you still wish to have a paper ticket, please request it during the flight booking by selecting the service “Issue a Paper Ticket”. In this case you will have to get your paper ticket at the Sky Express cash desks No. 29 or No. 30 at the Vnukovo Airport.

Book a Flight for the Whole Group
You can easily buy a flight for another person with Sky Express: you just need to know his (her) passport data and pay for the Flight in time. If you are booking flights for a group of persons where each one will pay for himself (herself), you can book separate Flights for each passenger and let your friends know their Booking Numbers and payment deadline.

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Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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