May I pay for the flight with a credit card?
Yes, you may pay for the flight with a credit card or pay for flights of any other person with your own bank card. However, using a credit card without its true holder’s consent is illegal. We warn you that should the true holder of the bank card apply to the bank, Sky Express, CJSC, or law enforcement authorities claiming an illegitimate money writing-off from the account, the passenger will become subject to criminal prosecution and recovery of all incurred losses. For the avoidance of such cases and any other disagreeable consequences always use your proper bank card or obtain a written consent of the bank card true holder.

I failed to pay for the flight within the term specified during booking. What shall I do?
If you failed to pay for the flight within the term specified during booking, the flight will become void automatically. You will have to reserve the flight once more but the rate is likely to be higher. That is why be attentive and don’t be late. The due date of the Flight is specified on step 5 of the booking process and is included into the Information on the Flight payment sent to the E-mail address after the successful booking.

What is the CVC (CVV), and where can I find it when paying for a flight with a plastic card?
CVC (CVV) is the abbreviation for Card Verification Value (Card Validation Code). It is a number printed on the card which upon entry into the system confirms that the paying person is physically holding the card. The CVC (CVV) introduction was necessary in order to reduce the purchasers’ risks. The CVC on the cards of the most popular payment systems is located on the strip for the client’s signature and is composed of 3 digits. Next to it there also can be located either the full number of the card or the last four digits of the number.

What is a Personal Customer Account with the Sky Express?
A Personal Account is a service available only for the registered clients of the Sky Express. Any passenger’s money may be credited to the Personal Account in the booking system. This money may be further used by the passenger to pay for the air company’s services. It is very convenient as sometimes you may not have your bank card at hand and the Personal Account is a means of instant payment available even if the flight is less than in 2 days. We recommend crediting the Personal Account with the money refundable for the unused flight.

I want to pay for the flight with a Prepaid Card but on stage 5 the system offers to choose additional means of payment. What does it mean?
Most likely you choose additional services on stage 4. You may pay only for the flight and fuel charge with the Prepaid Card. If you want to order additional services you will be offered to make additional payment for such services using any suitable means of payment save for the Prepaid Card. If you don’t want to pay for additional services, start again, refuse all services on stage 4 of the booking procedure and one more time enter your Prepaid Card number into the highlighted field.

May I buy a ticket in a regional office of your company and pay by cash if the flight is less than in 24 hours?
Yes, you may buy a ticket by cash in any office of the authorized Sky Express agencies which are situated in every location of route network of the airline. If you do not use a bank card we recommend opening a Personal Account, and you will always be able to use electronic cash to make instant payment for the flight at the website of the Sky Express.

I would like to pay for the flight partially from my Personal Account and partially by cash. May I combine payment methods?
Yes, you may pay for the flight partially by one method and partially by another. Choose the basic payment method on stage 1 of the booking procedure, and on stage 5 specify the way in which you want to make additional short payment.

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