How to register on Sky Express' website?
If you need to register, follow this link.
Please fill in all the fields correctly and completely: the information entered will be used to issue the tickets.

Why should I register?
Since you are registered you can get the following advantages:
1. You can save your time when booking as your data will be entered automatically;
2. You will become a participant of the Sky Express Loyalty Program;
3. You will be among the first to know about all promotional events/sales of the Sky Express;
4. You will always be able to browse your Sky Express booking history: to see the flights made and to be made;
5. You will get access to the service Personal Account.

I’ve forgotten my Login/Password. What shall I do?
Your e-mail address is your login, for example:
If you have forgotten your password then click the link Forgot your password? in the top right corner of the AUTHORIZATION section, enter your login (e-mail address) and press the “Send Password” key. You will immediately receive a link at the specified e-mail address to follow it and get a new password, which you could change at your own discretion later on.

I have no access anymore to the e-mail box, which I had indicated as my login. How can I change the login?
Please get authorized on the website and enter “My Personal Data” page. You are just to change your Login (e-mail) in the box at the top and press the “Save” key. If you have no access to the e-mail indicated as your login and you have forgotten your password, please contact the Booking Centre.

What information shall be required to book the flight?
Knowing the following data will suffice for you to book:
1. The passenger’s full name
2. Identity document number
3. E-mail address to which the Itinerary is to be sent
Mobile phone number to notice you in the event that the flight departure time changes.

I am going to fly with my family and friends. How shall I buy tickets for several persons at once?
Now you can book the tickets for several passengers simultaneously: up to 9 passengers for the same Flight, children inclusive. You just have to indicate at the first step of booking how many adults and children are going to fly. You should remember though that the system shall offer you tariffs of the tariff group for which the required number of vacant seats is available: all the flights within the same Booking shall belong to the same tariff group.

I’ve selected the lowest tariff at Step 2 of booking, and it became higher at Step 5. Why so?
Booking for the Sky Express flights is real-time. Several persons can buy airline tickets for the same flight at once. The system will always offer the minimum tariff for each new booking. If your tariff has changed by the end of the booking session, it means that someone else has booked the last flight in the particular price class, and the remaining tickets are more expensive. We would recommend you to register on our website to increase your chances of buying the cheapest tickets. The system will save your personal data, and you will not have to waste your precious time on completing the form.

I need a paper ticket. How can I get it?
To get a paper ticket when in Step 4 of booking the flight on the web-site please indicate “1” in the list of additional services opposite to the ISSUE A PAPER TICKET column. The service fee of 300 roubles will be automatically included in your Flight price. You can get your paper ticket at the Sky Express Cash desks at the Vnukovo Airport or at the Kievsky Railway Station on producing a printout of the Itinerary. You will be able to pay for the service directly at the Sky Express Cash desk and to get the paper ticket immediately.

How many kilos of baggage can I carry free of charge?
Each passenger may carry 15 kg of baggage free of charge of which one piece weighing no more than 10 kg, with dimensions not exceeding 45×35×15 сm to fit under the seat in front, may be taken on board. Payment for the excess or oversized baggage shall be effected at the airport at the time of check-in in the amount of 165 roubles per 1 kg. When at booking the flight, you may also purchase a BAGGAGE CERTIFICATE priced at 650 roubles, which will allow you to carry extra 15 kg of baggage (including sporting equipment or oversized baggage). Detailed baggage transportation rules can be found here.

In winter I carry skis or a snowboard, and diving equipment and a bicycle in summer in my baggage. How shall I register the baggage of such kind?
Since November 20, 2009, snowboards and skis are carried by all Sky Express regular flights free of charge in addition to the standard baggage allowance of 15 kg. Other sporting equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be payable as excess baggage at the rate of RUB 165 per 1 kg. Sporting equipment is treated as oversized baggage, and at the time of booking the passenger should request the airline if it is possible to carry it and get a confirmation of such possibility. The oversized baggage may not exceed 230 cm as a sum of its three dimensions (100×80×50). In order to avoid paying extra money for sporting equipment carriage, you can book a BAGGAGE CERTIFICATE service in advance and save a considerable amount up to 1,825 roubles.

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