• Capability of growth together with company
  career growth at the expense of development of company and expansion of borders
• Fruitful ground for Your initiatives
  flexible and operative response to proposals of employees
 The company distinguishes itself – You are also distinguish yourselves
  experience of work with new technologies according to European standards
• Stability, confidence and wide perspectives
   young company with good market power 
• Team “one for everybody and everybody for one”
   collective of enthusiasts united by estimable goal

Come to work to Sky Express, if You are not afraid changes for better!


You may achieve!
Sky Express became the first air company, accomplished model Low Cost Carrier in Russia, one of the first air companies, which introduced and is actively using electronic tickets, direct sales of flights, and which offered to passengers to independently choose a set of additional services for flight and catering aboard. Sky Express breaks stereotypes, actively uses the world experience and keeps an eye on the latest trends in aviation industry. You will get in Sky Express invaluable experience of work with the newest technologies, irrespective of whether Your past was connected with aviation or not.

Despite juvenility, Sky Express has already achieved substantial results and is confidently looking forward in future. We took a good pace from the utmost start and overcame many barriers. Today the result of work of Team of Sky Express is present: we achieved for a year of work of air company substantial parameters by number of carried passengers, operates 13 destinations and the main thing – found our passenger! Our dream “to raise nation to air” is coming true before our very eyes. Join our Team and conquer new heights. Owing to close cooperation between all departments and services, everybody in Sky Express feels himself really a member of Team, Team of like-minded persons!

Work in Sky Express – for people ready to grow and develop together with the company.
You will find with us a favorable field for realization of Your initiatives! Apart from fulfillment of their direct functions, each employee may make a proposal and participate in their discussion – let it be optimization of expense, improvement of quality of servicing aboard the plane or idea of advertising action. Experienced professionals work in Sky Express, who will help to bring to working result and implement even the most incredible project! If You are ready to study and are not afraid of new perspectives, if possibilities of self-realization for You are more important than “tomtit in hands” and dismal routine – work in Sky Express is for You.

Come to us – in order we could become better together!

We are waiting for You for interview,
Sky Express Team.

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