Dear passengers!

We enjoy doing our work and we want you to feel it.

There is no airline in the world that wouldn’t speak of its customer centricity. However, among them you can hardly find any which would insomuch appreciate the client as does the Sky Express, and our actions speak louder than words.

Since its foundation (in 2007), the Sky Express has been the most technologically advanced airline in Russia. We were the first in the Russian market to introduce economical “low cost” flights, to launch the on-line sales with a sound cash payment service (share of the Sky Express air tickets sold via the Internet still makes 70%), and the first to offer a great deal of innovative value added services.

And we are doing all this out of a mere wish to make your trip more comfortable and pleasant. May it sound a little naïve, but we do really love you. Believe it or not, but even the walls of our office are decorated with the pictures of the Sky Express passengers. The air line’s employees are involved in passenger servicing and enhancing its quality not because it is their job but because they love doing it.

It is the smile that expresses our feelings to the most that is why we’ve chosen a “smile” to be the symbol of our airline. The flight should bring joy and favour passengers, employees of the airline and even aircrafts as they also smile just the way the “smile” does.

We want cheerful spirits indwell in you and do our best to help it. We hope you will share our feelings and the Sky Express will become a territory of smiling faces and good humour. Smile to the passengers around you and they will smile you back, and the mood will become a little bit more cheerful, after all, it is so great and important.

Smile! Fly with pleasure!
Yours Sky Express

Reservations and assistance +7 495 580 9360 (Russia), +7 812 600 3656 (St. Petersburg), Mobile (28 RUB/min) 0871 ext. 111

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